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Infinit-i Solutions

Vertical Alliance Group Training Solutions

Infinit-i is a “vertical” alignment learning management strategy that can be used for all company and departmental training, information, testing, and evaluation.

Solution Benefits

There are many benefits for implementing an online training and information solution.

  • Cost savings with an attractive ROI for travel expenses, logistics and content creation.
  • Easy to update content when new materials become available and setting up pre-defined course schedules.
  • Easy to use, training is available anywhere, anytime there is an Internet connection, notable improvements in productivity, revenue and compliance.
  • Improved recruitment and retention, time saving on HR and other meetings with individualized training right at the employees desktop.
  • Set due dates, receive reports on comprehension, adherence to policy, 3rd party verification (with date and time stamp) for liability, claims and other litigation.

Infinit-i Features

  • Large library of video and DVD/CD content
  • Easily import or create new training materials for any custom training or informational purpose
  • Ideal for HR, company news, 401K, health benefits, etc.
  • Regulatory, mandatory training
  • Pre-screen applicants and new hire orientation

More Information on our Infinit-i.net training platform.